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Bidding announcement

Maanshan tobacco company cigarette distribution center outdoor auxiliary project renovation project

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Bidding announcement

Project name

Maanshan tobacco company cigarette distribution center outdoor auxiliary project renovation project

Item no.


Bidding type

Public bidding


Anhui tobacco company ma 'anshan company

Tendering agency

Anhui yonghan management consulting co. LTD

Sources of funding

Its own funds

The construction site

No.3288 tianmen avenue, yushan district, maanshan city

Construction content

Maanshan tobacco company cigarette distribution center outdoor subsidiary project renovation project is located in ma 'anshan tobacco company logistics distribution center.Main construction contents: new asphalt concrete pavement 1495m2, laying HDPE (DN150) pipe 27m, HDPE (DE315) 17m, new sewage plastic inspection well 1, concrete valve well 2, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank 1, etc.

Planned time

Planned duration: 30 calendar days

The specific starting time shall be subject to the requirements of the tenderee;

Range of bidding

Construction contract within the scope of construction drawings (see bill of quantities for details)

A block division


Bid control price

(maximum price)

The bidding control price of this project is 516,666.75 yuan.

Bidder qualification requirements

1. The bidder shall be an enterprise with independent legal personality.
2. The bidder shall have the general contract of construction project above grade 3 (including grade 3).
3. The project manager shall have the qualification of registered construction engineer above grade 2 (including grade 2) and be registered with the bidder.
4. Consortium bidding is not accepted in this tender.
5. The bidder has no bad behavior record in the past three years.
6. The bidder can provide VAT invoice with 10% tax rate.
7. Bidding documents have been purchased.

Bid to sign up

1. From March 14, 2019 to March 20, 2019 (except weekends and holidays), bidders can apply for and receive the bidding documents at anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., LTD. (address: 18th floor, gonghui building (no.6, kangtai jiayuan), huayuan road, maanshan.
2. Cost of bidding documents: RMB 500 per set of bidding documents, non-refundable after sale.

Time and place of bid opening

Bid opening time: 15:00 PM, April 3, 2019
Bid opening place: 18th floor, gonghui building, maanshan huayuan road (no. 6, kangtai jiayuan), anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., LTD

Application Checklist

1. Please bring copies of business license of enterprise legal person, certificate of enterprise qualification, certificate of safe production, certificate of registered construction engineer, id card of the applicant and original letter of introduction of the applicant (indicating the bidder's contact number and QQ mailbox).(the above registration materials should be submitted to a copy, the copy must be stamped with the effective official seal of the unit).
2. The bidding document fee is non-refundable.

Electronic information dissemination

China government procurement network

Procurement and bidding network

Special tip 1

1. The enterprise participating in the bidding shall not have any of the following circumstances, otherwise, the tenderer shall have the right to cancel the winning bidder's qualification for winning the bid of the project, and the bid quotation shall not be returned:
(1) refuse to sign the project contract due to its own reasons after winning the bid;
(2) fail to perform the time limit, quality and other contract terms agreed in the project contract without justified reasons;
(3) the occurrence of a major (including major) or higher grade engineering quality accident or production safety accident;                        
(4) other ACTS in violation of laws and regulations.

Special tip 2

1. If the tenderer registered has any objection to the control price (including comprehensive unit price, measure fee, etc.) of the project, he/she shall submit it in writing to the tenderer or the tendering agency five days before the deadline for bidding and provide relevant supporting materials.Otherwise, the bidder shall be deemed to accept the control price of the project. Once winning the bid, the tenderer shall not accept the objection raised by the winning bidder against the control price.
2. After the bidder signs up, he/she may give up his/her participation in the bid, and his/her participation in the bid shall be deemed as acceptance of all contents and relevant requirements of the bid by the tenderer who has already signed the bid. If he/she gives up his/her bid qualification or refuses to sign the contract after winning the bid, the bid security shall not be returned, and his/her bid in the tenderer's project shall be restricted.

Tenderee: anhui tobacco company ma 'anshan company
Contact person: manager ni
Contact number: 18955588651
Address: 3288 tianmen avenue south section, yushan district, ma 'anshan city
Zip code: 243000
Bidding agency: anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., LTD
Contact: tang qing
Contact number: 0555-2229935
Address: 18 / f, gong hui building, 6 hong tai ka court, fa yuen road, ma on shan
Zip code: 243000

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