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East lake ruijing community 2019-2022 property management services competitive consultation announcement

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East lake ruijing community 2019-2022 property management services competitive consultation announcement

Entrusted by the owner committee of east lake ruijingyuan residential area of maanshan city (hereinafter referred to as the industry committee), anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., ltd. organizes competitive consultation on the procurement of property management service project of east lake ruijingyuan residential area 2019-2022, and now invites Chinese domestic suppliers who meet the stipulated qualification conditions to participate.

I. project name: property management service of east lake ruijing community 2019-2022

Ii. Project number: YHCG2019078

Iii. Main content of the project: property management service of east lake ruijingyuan residential district (assessed according to the current "maanshan residential district property service grade guidance standard" level 1), the service term is three years, the contract is signed once a year (renewed after passing the annual assessment twice a year), the specific requirements are detailed in the consultation document.The total annual property service fee income is about 2.6 million yuan (including the underground parking space management fee), and the specific fee standards shall be implemented as follows: the property fee shall be 0.95 yuan/square meter/month for the residential building area, and the underground parking space management fee shall be 40 yuan/car/month.Before signing the contract, the supplier shall pay the performance bond of 200,000 yuan to the industry committee, and shall handle the complete handover procedures of materials, equipment and finance with the former property management company.

Iv. Project overview

East lake ruijingyuan residential area is developed and constructed by maanshan chengtou real estate co., LTD. It has 19 residential buildings, including 12 high-rise buildings (32 floors) and 7 small high-rise buildings (11 floors).The total construction area is 185,000 square meters, a total of 1,459 units (occupancy rate is about 70%);It has a negative two-floor underground garage (including civil air defense) of about 50,000 square meters, 1177 underground parking Spaces (utilization rate of about 50%), and 432 public parking Spaces belonging to all owners.The community has built 40 elevators, a set of automatic fire alarm sprinkler control system, a set of security monitoring system, also built underground automatic control sewage pump, public fire facilities and equipment, street lighting, fountain and other public equipment and facilities.The business committee can provide the property management office and so on for the property management company.

The situation for the supplier by consultation response documents for reference only, procurement not bear the responsibility of the situation that does not quite agree with the actual, part of the negotiations supplier shall reconnaissance of the actual situation of the project area and do not understand this project area actual situation and need service, maintenance, and late fee liability risk.

V. supplier qualification conditions:

1. The business scope of the business license includes the property service content;

2, nearly five years (since January 1, 2014 to complete the performance or are services) have at least one more than 10 square meters, more than 30 senior underground garage built and performance of all the contents of the residential area property management services experience (not by the administrative department for punishment or terminate the contract in advance, and provide owners have positive comments written proof).

3. The project consultation documents have been purchased;

4. No suspension of business by government administrative organs;

5, not included in the list of dishonest enterprises.

Vi. The following information should be provided for registration:

1.Letter of introduction from the applicant;

2. A copy of the valid id card of the registration representative;

3. Copy of business license;

4. Copy of qualification certificate.

Vii. Provisions on relevant time and place:

1. Purchase of consultation documents: from now until 17:30, May 24, 2019;

2. Delivery time of consultation response document: 8:30-9:00, May 25, 2019;

3. Consultation start time: 9:00 PM, May 25, 2019;

4. Purchase of consultation documents address: 18th floor, gonghui building, no. 6, kangtai jiayuan, huayuan road, maanshan city;

5. Place of submission of consultation response document: bid opening room, 18th floor, gonghui building, no. 6, kangtai jiayuan, huayuan road, ma 'anshan city

6. Negotiation venue: bid evaluation room, 18 / f, gonghui building, no. 6, kangtai jiayuan, huayuan road, ma 'anshan.

Viii. Price of negotiation documents: RMB 500 / copy, non-refundable after sales.

Ix. Negotiation margin:

1.The project shall pay a negotiation deposit of 40,000 yuan, and the supplier shall remit it to the designated account before the deadline of submitting the consultation response document, and the actual time of the bank's arrival shall prevail, otherwise it shall be regarded as an invalid consultation response document;

2. Payee: anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., LTD

3. Bank account number: 34001659008053003970

4. Bank of deposit: development zone sub-branch of CCB.

5. The purchaser will not refund the negotiation deposit if the supplier commits any of the following:

(1) the response document is withdrawn after the consultation;

(2) providing false performance and supporting materials in response documents;

(3) concealing the fact that business is suspended by administrative punishment or included in the dishonest list;

(4) failure to provide performance bond as required after the transaction;

(5) failing to sign the contract with the purchaser within the prescribed time limit after the transaction.

X. contact information:

1. Buyer: owner committee of east lake ruijingyuan community, maanshan

Address: maanshan east lake ruijing garden community

Contact person: he director tel: 13905556897

2. Agency: anhui yonghan engineering consulting co., LTD

Address: 18 / f, gonghui building, no.6, kangtai jiayuan, huayuan road, maanshan

Contact person: tu gong/wan gong tel: 0555-2229935

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