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Zhongxinghua certified public accountants llp enhances the party spirit cultivation of party members in the party course education

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Recently, the anhui wanjiang branch of China xinghua accounting firm held a party branch meeting, party branch secretary wei lianping to "how to improve the party spirit accomplishment of party members" as the theme, for all party members on a vivid party class.Municipal finance bureau sent party construction instructors to study together.

In the meeting, party branch secretary first conveyed the province industry party committee party building work to promote the spirit of the meeting.Later, wei secretary of party lecture topics, from the connotation of self-cultivation realm, the significance of strengthen the party spirit cultivation, how to strengthen the party spirit cultivation of three aspects of party members, leading all party member to study, explore and exchange experience, leading the party workers to profoundly understand new era to strengthen the urgency and importance of communist party spirit training.Secretary wei asked all party members of the institute not to forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, overcome the "four psychology", enhance the awareness of prevention, properly deal with the "four relationships", persistently strengthen the temper of party spirit, practice the purpose of serving the people.

After the party course, secretary wei also summarized the party construction work and results of the firm since 2018, and planned to plan and plan the year-end evaluation of party members through democratic appraisal and annual outstanding party members.

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