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Anhui yonghan group launched yueyue fund unveiling and "June 1" joint donation activities

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To give full play to the accounting firm party advantage, to promote industry base pairing and activities, on May 29, in the "June 1" children's day approaching, the rain mountainous district party committee standing committee, minister of organization xiang-yang Chen, four party secretary li xudong village primary school education group, standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), anhui Deng Sulan culvert group chairman, in ma on shan village primary school, the education group, deep industry campus, four common for anhui yong han group reading fund for the opening ceremony.

Accompanied by the yushan district committee and school leaders, deng sulan, chairman of anhui yonghan group, visited the campus learning environment, interacted with the children, and presented some school supplies and reading books.Then, in the rain under the auspices of mountain district party committee leadership, four party branch and the village primary school education group in anhui province yong han group, xinghua certified public accountants in anhui province, anhui river branch party branch signed a regional agreement party construction project, and further strengthen the contact and communication to build the two sides, give full play to build the resources advantage, through developing study Tours, panel discussions, love, warmth, establish fund of reading, such as form, on a regular basis to discuss and promote to build cooperation projects, continue to expand and improve the function of party organization and between the firm and the school set up party construction bridge carrier, share the party building work experience and achievements,Actively promote the construction of service-oriented party organizations in the industry.

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