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Love department students love yonghan truth to warm the heart

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Xinghua certified public accountants in the August 7, the party branch under the leadership of the party branch secretary Wei Lian panel with anhui yong han group, all the staff of entrust to build units - building community, donation will be ten thousand yuan of financial aid donations in the hands of a pair of twin sisters, two sisters can continue to finish their university studies.

In 2015, in the process of pairing and co-building with ningnan community, we learned that there was a single parent family with twin sisters in ningnan community, whose mother worked in the community and only got a salary of over 1000 yuan per month. The two sisters were studying in the third year of the city no. 2 middle school at that time, and they gave appropriate subsidies that year.We followed this family. In 2016, both of the two sisters were admitted to the university, but they were unable to afford the tuition burden due to their family difficulties. After we learned of the situation, we mobilized all over the institute to make donations.Under everyone's positive response, they handed over the 10,000 yuan in cash they had collected to the two sisters, making them realize their college dream.In 2017 and 2018, we will adopt the same method of funding. So far, a total of 30,000 yuan has been donated.In 2019, we will continue to complete the funding to enable the two sisters to successfully complete their studies and hope to make due contributions to society after graduation.

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