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Scope of business

We sincerely provide the following services:

● CPA services: responsible for securities and futures related financial audit, capital verification, capital verification, enterprise liquidation, financial consulting, economic case appraisal, etc.

● asset appraisal business: responsible for securities and futures related appraisal business;To undertake the appraisal business of exploration right and mining right;Individual asset appraisal of all kinds, overall asset appraisal of the enterprise and other asset appraisal or project appraisal needed by the market;

● engineering cost consulting business: infrastructure engineering cost audit, bill of quantities preparation, pre-tender preparation, etc.;

● tax agency business: tax-related services, tax-related authentication;

● project bidding agency business;

● government procurement agency business: goods and services bidding, competitive negotiations, inquiry and other procurement agency business;Government procurement advisory services;

● land appraisal business;

● real estate appraisal business;

● judicial authentication business;

● management consulting business;

● credit rating business.

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